TPTY III : Big Boy Moves, Relationships, and Renewal

Upon returning to the NYC area from Fayetteville NC, I set out to right ship and put the proper emphasis on life (rather than work-work-work).

My desire to get more involved amplified by being limited in what I could do while away in Mississippi and North Carolina. By the time I returned home early in July, I jumped fully in …

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GETTING UN-FAT: the Return of the Slow Carb Diet

Hitting the gym. Pounding the pavement. Sweat, sweat, sweat.

It's the approach a lot of people mistakenly take in trying to lose weight, BUT burnout and lackluster results are more often all that result from this "spinning the wheels" approach.

Said a little more bluntly - those people are working their ass off for nuthin'.

You don't need to be like them.

There's a better way.

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Considering What's Next and Coming Full Circle

It was December of 2013. I'd just finished my last class at McGill and was trying to make sense of my thoughts and feelings as I considered what's next?

I was excited to be done with school, but had grown to love Montreal and the sense of independence I'd established through the last few years, so there was also a hint of bitterness to the closing of this chapter. I didn't want to move back to New Jersey and I didn't want to work a "typical" engineering job...

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