Win or Learn

I’d taken the old site down on October 17th 2017. What’s written below was the last post.

It was as good a place to leave off then as it is a place to pick up from now.



Beers and tapas were spread across the table.

There were five of us chatting about our summers. About the ideas we were excited about.

A friend of a friend looked over at me and said, "You mean you've never journaled. You should definitely give it a try. Writing gets it out of my head, so that I can recognize experiences for what they are and move on ..."

I asked some more foolish questions, the conversation went on for a while longer, we parted ways, and that was that. The seeds were sown.

Fast forward a couple weeks and I started journaling.

A couple years and I started blogging.

A couple more years and I started writing e-books.

Now, it's time to bring that chapter to a close.

It's time for the last post.


"I never lose. I either win or I learn." - Nelson Mandela

Most people are limited in their perspectives.

Not you or I of course (we're perfect and special), but most people.

I can't do this because ...

I don't have enough [insert excuse here] to [insert desire here].

How come [enter name here] always gets their way?

Maybe [enter name here] is coming at the world different.

Maybe they operate from a place of positivity. A place liberated by love, understanding, and discipline.

This is the place where we all want to operate from.

This is the place where we all can operate from.

One where it's not win or lose, but win or learn.

There is no "failure" in this place. At least not in common terms.


"There's no easy route to any place worth getting to." - John Kavanaugh, Win or Learn

Ups and downs are natural. Life is cyclical.

But these down periods and adverse experiences don't have to be painted negatively.

Thoughts and feelings are signals. They remind us when we're on track and when we've fallen off track.

These signals are neither good nor bad. They just are.

You see, life isn't all fireworks and fireflies. There are points where each and every one of us feels lonely, tired, bored, sick, unhappy, limited ... you name it.

This doesn't mean that life's a drag though. We're human and these down periods are a part of human nature.

We can embrace the lulls to better appreciate excitement. We can recognize "suckers" to better appreciate the people we love and those that inspire us.

We all need to hear it from time to time.

"Suck it up."

"Put in the work."

"Stop being a bitch."

And with a subtle shift in our thinking, we can learn to welcome struggle and adversity as experiences to grow from. As experiences to build from.

When we replace "lack" and "failure" with "abundance" and "opportunity", it's like we've found a key to a parallel Universe where our being flourishes.

A place where we enjoy going for the win. Where we overcome obstacles. Where we balance being hungry and humble while building toward the life that we want to lead.


In our youth we have ideas about the world. A lot of ideas. Most of them are baseless. Most of them are completely ignorant of human nature and nature itself.

Nature doesn't care. It's on us to adapt our perspective to one that aligns with the natural order of things. To a perspective that helps us flourish in the world we've inherited.

It's a simple shift where the only options are to win or to learn.

We don't have to be like most people. We can all get to this place.

A place where we take ownership of what we've done and what we can do. A place where we're the active creators of our reality. A place of abundance.

Enough hoo-woo bullshit. Life's for figuring it out. That's all I've got to say.

Thank you to everyone that's read, shared, commented and given feedback through the years.

It's been real.

Much love,


2019 Update: this is not the last post, it’s actually one of the first!

For the next couple months I’ll be sharing oldies and newbies on Tuesdays.

Stay tuned and feel free to comment, question, or otherwise drop a line!